Fri 7 June 2024 - Sat 8 June 2024

Carriageworks Sydney

Review: Synthony @ Vivid Sydney at Carriageworks

Sydney has put on a magnificent, clear skied evening for Vivid highlight Synthony at Carriageworks.

Mobin Master warms up the early turnout, which looks like no one wants to miss a minute of this show (8 June). Mobin whips out a keytar to bring the crowd up a level. A heartbeat then sounds behind a Synthony visual...

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Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines the energy of electronic dance anthems with the grandeur of a live orchestra as SYNTHONY, the biggest orchestrated dance party in Australia, heads to Carriageworks on Friday 7 June, 2024, as part of the Vivid Music program.

Bringing together a twenty nine-piece orchestra with spine-tingling vocalists, instrumentalists and leading DJs, SYNTHONY will perform some of the most iconic electronic dance anthems of the last 30 years – all accompanied by breathtaking lighting and visuals.


Metropolitan Orchestra

Conducted by Sarah-Grace Williams


Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez), Emily Williams, Greg Gould, Cassie McIvor, Matty O (sax), DJ support: Mobin Master

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